I’m Chad Leigh Kluck

Developer, photographer, writer, maker

About Me

I’m Chad Kluck,

Originally from Nebraska, I now live in Minnesota.

Professionally, I’m a Developer

  • 20+

    Years Experience

  • Full Stack

    JS, CSS, Vue, React, Angular, PHP, Node, RESTful, SQL, Serverless, DevOps

  • AWS Certified

    Developer Associate

Recreationally, I’m a Creative

  • Coding

    I gained my superpowers from a Tandy Color Computer II when I was 9. As a teen, I harnessed those powers with a Macintosh Performa and HyperCard. As an adult, I’m always pushing myself to learn new skills.

  • Photography

    Scenery, trains, skylines, night shots, and youth hockey. I travel with my camera looking for interesting angles, light, bright colors, and shallow depth of field.

  • Railroads & History

    Growing up at the intersection of the Union Pacific’s Overland Route, Burlington Northern’s Sioux City Sub, Chicago & North Western’s Elkhorn Division, the Lincoln Highway, and the Mormon Trail, I was surrounded by trains, plains, and history.

  • Woodworking

    I enjoy routers, joiners, and sanders, staining and finishing, and incorporating wiring, electronics, and lights into cabinets, spaces, and synchronized holiday displays.

  • Writing

    I’ve published a book, wrote a lot of blog posts, and am currently shopping around a novel. I like humor and telling stories.


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  • My Education

    • Master of Science in Software Engineering

      University of St. Thomas, Minnesota


      Software Development, Object Oriented Programming, and Security

    • Bachelor of Arts

      University of St. Thomas, Minnesota


      English, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Theology

    • Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming Technology

      Southeast Community College, Nebraska


      COBOL, Assembler, AS400/RPG, JCL

  • My Experience

    • Software Engineer

      Innovation & Technology Services, University of St. Thomas

      2023 - present

      Enterprise Application & Cloud Development Team

    • Web Developer

      University Libraries, University of St. Thomas

      2015 - 2023

      Web application development, web accessibility, PHP, Node.js, AWS, and systems integrations

    • Systems Specialist

      Career Development Center, University of St. Thomas

      2002 - 2015

      Web development, Java Server Pages (JSP), systems integrations, and statistical reporting